Cyprus is the land famous for breathtaking sceneries, amazing landscapes, rich culture, and mouthwatering delicacies. Apart from all the tourist attractions, food plays an important role to attract people from all over the globe. The culinary culture of Cyprus many key factors that have influenced the culinary culture of Cyprus. There’s a similarity between the authentic Cypriot foods and Greek foods. However, the most famous Cypriot cuisine includes Souvlakia, Shaftalia, Afella, Kleftiko, and Halloumi in Protaras. To experience the true taste and flavor of Cyprus, the best way is to order a special meze platter as it includes most of the above-mentioned dishes.

The taste of Cypriot dishes is so amazing that often people get curious about the ingredients used in the dishes and the specialties of those dishes. Here, we are going to discuss two special foods in Cyprus. Let’s move on to know about it.

Halloumi in Protaras

Halloumi is one of the most delightful food items in Cyprus. The popularity of Halloumi extends throughout the Middle East and all over Europe. Mild salty flavor along with a rubbery texture makes this food item famous across the globe. The slightly springy white cheese is made with sheep’s milk or by combining a mixture of both sheep milk and goat milk. The firm texture makes it a popular ingredient which supposes to add a distinctive taste to the dishes. Try out the taste of halloumi in veggie burgers, risottos or pasta. However, to explore the real taste of halloumi in Protaras, don’t forget to visit authentic Cypriot restaurants.

Kleftiko in Protaras

Kleftiko is a famous recipe that comes from an old cooking method. There’s a fascinating story behind the name of this authentic Greek-Cypriot dish. The recipe named from the very common word “Stolen”. In the earlier days, people would steal meat and used to bury it for slow cooking in covered holes to avoid the smoke spread in the air. Nowadays, lamb meat has cooked in a slow process in a traditional round, white oven with the flavor of bay leaf, red wine, and oregano. The flavourful and succulent onion and tomato sauce make this dish superb delicious and leave a feeling of your taste buds filled with great delight. To relish your every bite, you can have Kleftiko with a side of fresh yogurt. So, do you want to taste Kleftiko in Protaras? Make a visit to the Greek-Cypriot restaurants in the region.


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