The demand for unconventional yet scrumptious food has been increasing in different parts of the country and this food culture has been connecting millions of people irrespective of their food habits. Out of all the out-the-box menu, Meze or Mezze became very famous in the parts of the Middle East, the Balkans, Greece, and parts of North America. An authentic Meze is the combination of small hot and cold dishes that served as an appetizer. The exquisite selection of Mediterranean starter platters in Protaras has made everyone fall head over the heels for its taste and authenticity. Let us see that exquisite plethora of eateries and restaurants that offer the best meze in Protaras, Cyprus.

The Five Best Meze In Protaras are listed down below : 

In this article, we are going to discuss about the best meze restaurant Protaras who offers the most delicious meze. If anyone wants to add some other suggestion then they can share with us.

Andama Tavern Greek/Cyprus Cuisine

The Cryptic restaurant located in Protaras is the culinary destination for those looking for a wonderful mean with their family or a large group of friends. The meze is fulfilling and is a great value for your money. The meze meals served with contemporary sides of dips, olives, prawns, etc. The highly recommended dish is a mixed meze because of its unique taste. In other words, Andama is known for the best meze in Protaras.

The Corner Restaurant Flambe – The Best Meze In Protaras

The famous restaurant known for its authentic Mediterranean delicacies happens to be the topmost commendable restaurant in Protaras. The meze you choose for your starter gives you a fully satisfying taste, served in quality portions. The extensive meze menu is a must-try when you are in The Corner Restaurant. The friendly staff provides you with brilliant service and great meze food cooked by expert chefs.

Anatolia Restaurant

The family restaurant in Protaras has an al la carte menu specializing in prawn and steak dishes, like meze. This is a three-course meal restaurant. This restaurant is popular for its meze dish. One should visit Anatolia Restaurant without hesitation for the best meze dishes at economical prices.

Traditional Cyprus Tavern Protaras

The restaurant in Protaras is the right destination for meze lovers. The expert chefs prepare meat and fish mezes with special ingredients which served in a warm atmosphere. The amazing portions of a meze meal or a meze platter are fulfilling. The chefs do not leave a chance to satisfy their customers with the splendid Greek and Mediterranean dishes they prepare.

Kafkaros Tavern

Kafkaros Tavern has a warm atmosphere. This restaurant serves a great range of menu consisting of local and international dishes. Although Kafkaros is mostly known for its meze dishes made by fish or meat, seafood.

So you won’t miss the chance of trying the authentic Mediterranean meze platters and fill your tastebuds with its flavorsome morsel.

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