Grilled meat in Protaras is one of the most famous dishes. If you are searching for an authentic meal in Cyprus, grilled meat is a lip-smacking meat fest to enjoy. When done well, the tender, succulent, smoky meat forms an ideal component of a great feast. It’s a simple yet reliable meal to have and is loved worldwide. But have you ever thought, what does it takes to prepare that perfectly grilled meat every time you take a bite of that juicy tender meat! Well, no worries, here you will get to know the ideal method of preparing luscious supple meat in no time:

Carve the right size:

First thing first, pick the perfect size of the meat to be grilled as per your serving. Size and measurement do matter when it comes to the tenderness of the meat. Larger the cut, the more time will it take to cook properly.

Evenly shape your meat:

While cutting, some of the pieces may be unevenly shaped and it becomes tricky to grill the meat properly. Make the thicker meats into thinner so the cooking time will be minimalistic as possible.

Grill them to its fullest:

If you grill out the whole meat at once, its certainly the sumptuous and impressive meal to appease both white and dark meat-eaters. Yes, it will take some time to cook, but with practice, one can carve the meat nicely and enjoy juicy tender meatloaves with BBQ sauce as a side dip option.

Don’t Forget to add Flavors:

Adding a basic flavoring agent to your meat will inject all the combination of spices and herbs during its marination period. No need to play fancy with your meatloaf, but make sure you try to add the basic seasoning required for a deliciously prepared lip-smacking grilled meat.

Prepare the Grill Properly:

When you proceed to grill your marinated meat, your grill pan needs to be properly cleaned and greased to work efficiently. To flourish that crisp crust on your meat, oil the pan properly before cooking.

Sauce at the end:

As the meat is been prepared on the grill pan, don’t forget to drizzle the remaining marinade sauce. The sauce will slowly give the meat the hefty glaze and caramelize onto it. Flip the meat both sides, so that each layer has the time to cook evenly.

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